Hibernate Search is a library that integrates Hibernate ORM with Apache Lucene or Elasticsearch by automatically indexing entities, enabling advanced search functionality: full-text, geospatial, aggregations and more. For more information, see Hibernate Search on hibernate.org.

Hibernate Search 3.1 beta2 is out with a significant focus on performance improvements, scalability and API clean up.

Here is the main area of work:

  • Upgrade to Lucene 2.4 which opened up a lot of optimization possibilities on the Hibernate Search side.
  • Inserts and deletes are now done in a single index opening rather than two.
  • The window of locking has been reduced a lot during writes, especially on transactions involving several entities.
  • Filter caching configuration has been simplified.
  • Expose scoped analyzer for a given class: queries can now use the same analyzer used at indexing time transparently.
  • Properly genericize the API (no more raw type used)
  • Fix a few bugs around the Solr analyzer integration and moved to Solr 1.3.
  • Fix various bugs including the long standing HSEARCH-142.

We have incorporated a lot of enhancement based on our work on the book Hibernate Search in Action and some genius performance ideas from Sanne. This version is still a beta because we still have a few optimization and enhancements in our pocket but CR1 should come out mid november-ish.

The complete list of changes can be found in jira and you can download Hibernate Search here.

Let us know what you think.

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