RESTEasy support now available in Seam

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The RESTEasy project is an implementation of JAX-RS. I've just committed the docs for the first step of the integration into Seam. You need a nightly build of Seam 2.1 trunk (wait until tomorrow for updated docs in the nightly build) or better a current SVN trunk checkout.

Some of the integration highlights:

  • No configuration files necessary, just drop the JARs into your classpath and deploy @Path annotated resources.
  • Fully integrated RESTEeasy configuration as regular Seam infrastructure component.
  • HTTP requests are served by Seam, no need for an external servlet.
  • Resources and providers can be Seam components (JavaBean or EJB), with full Seam injection, lifecycle, interception, and so on.

We have some other items on the TODO list, see this wiki page. If you have any ideas or suggestions you'd like to see for that integration, just edit the wiki page.

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