Rich Faces 3.2.1 released

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This release introduced next new features and improvements:

  • Plug'n'Skin feature introduced
This feature allows fast and convinient predefined skins customization and new skins based on predefined ones creation.
  • Demo laguna skin created using plug'n'skin
An example of skin created using plug'n'skin added to demosite
  • Suggestion Box improved
This API gaves possibility to save selected objects instead of strings in some hidden fields for further processing. And also API for calling suggestion added(for comboBox like usage)
  • Sorting futher improvements (Sorting objects not strings)
Now built-in dataTable sorting uses objects sorting so additional comparators not needed anymore for simple sorting functionality implementation. Also some issues reported by the community resolved
  • Filtering further improvements
Default input corrected and styled. Also some issues reported by the community resolved
  • DataScroller improvements
Multiple instances behaviour and page bindings corrected. Incorrect page after model changes handling added.
  • componentControl and contextMenu attachement improvements
Problems with attachements to DOM elements solved

Also next bugfixes reported by the community was performed:

  • dataTable issues (including sorting, filtering features)
corrections on decode
  • scrollableDataTable fixes
Scrolling and loading data problems, cross-browser support fixes

  • ComboBox numerous fixes
  • File Upload improvements and fixes
  • Character encoding problems
  • Memory leaks and perfomance fixes
  • MyFaces specific fixes
  • Opera browser support fixes

You can download 3.2.1 GA from the official download page at

Thank you everyone who posted feedback on the RichFaces forum and submitted jira issue.

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