RichFaces 3.2 released

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RichFaces 3.2.0.GA is out!

This release introduces the following new components:

  • Combo Box
  • Inplace Input
  • Inplace Select
  • Progress Bar
  • File Upload
  • Columns
  • Pick List

Along with these enhancements:

  • DataTable Sorting
  • DataTable Filtering
  • Calendar month and year manual selection
  • Objects selection for suggestion box
  • Standard component skinning
  • Client-side EL functions: rich:clientId(Id), rich:element(Id), rich:component(Id)

RichFaces 3.2 requires JSF 1.2 and JDK 5.0 or above.

You can try out a demo of the new components here.

Congratulations to the RichFaces team!

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