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Well, I'm safely home after my first JBossWorld, and I wanted to share some of the highlights for Seam at JBossWorld Orlando - lots of presentations about Seam, and more on RichFaces, Hibernate, Tools etc.

Of particular interest to me was the presentation by Cameron Ingram and Shawn Hill on using Seam with Flex. Cameron and I had a couple of discussions about where they plans to take this project and I'm looking forward to seeing Flex become a first-class view layer for use with Seam. Great work guys!

I also attended Thomas Heute's presentation on JBoss Portal, where he introduced the JBoss Portlet Bridge, a joint effort between the Seam, JBoss Portal and RichFaces teams to allow you to use JBoss Portal with Seam and RichFaces - he showed off using the Seam Booking example in a Portal.

And, the highlight for many was the Web Beans (JSR 299) talk by Gavin. Some really good work has gone on since the Early Draft Review - it's shaping up to be a great spec! You can find out more here.

My personal favourite though was the Seam/Web Beans/Hibernate/Tools BOF - we had an excellent attendance and got some really good discussions going - I love interacting with the community like this!

I promised to put the slides up from my Introduction to Seam presentation - and also the slides from the BOF where I talked a bit about Seam with Wicket.

It would be great to collect the slides from the various Seam presentations on - so please, put a link here - feel free to upload them onto

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