JSR-299 Web Beans Early Draft

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The first early draft[1] is now available! Please send comments to jsr-299-comments(AT)jcp.org. We really /do/ pay attention to community feedback, so if you take the time, it won't be wasted!

(The JCP site is currently experiencing technical difficulties, so we're making the spec available for download here, temporarily.)

I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone on the expert group who helped get us this far. I know it's inelegant to single out individuals, but since it is rare to see people (especially individual JCP members) recognized for their contributions to spec groups, I'm going to do it anyway. Extra special thanks to:

  • Bob Lee
  • Linda DeMichiel
  • Jacob Hookom
  • Adam Winer
  • Michael Youngstrom
  • Richard Kennard
  • Conny Lundgren
  • Roger Kitain
  • Chris Maki

Let us know what you think!


  1. Web Beans EDR.pdf

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