Hibernate and Seam at JavaOne 2007

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Hibernate and JBoss Seam will be covered by some of the JBoss folks at JavaOne.

Hibernate Search

TS-4746 - Hibernate Search: Googling Your Java Technology-Based Persistent Domain Model

I will describe the problem addressed, how Hibernate Search backed by Apache Lucene provides a solution, the internal architecture and some tips and tricks. I will also demo how to add Hibernate Search to an application.

Hibernate Validator and JSR-303

TS-4112 - Declarative Programming: Tighten Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 and JSR 303 Beans Validation

I will provide an update about JSR-303 Bean Validation and Hibernate Validator, how it will fit into the Java SE/Java EE world. I will also demo how to use it today with EJB 3.0 interceptors.

JBoss Seam

TS-4089 - Web Beans Update

Gavin will talk about Web Beans, the standardization process around JBoss Seam.

BOF-4400 - Improve and Expand JavaServer Faces Technology with JBoss Seam

BOF-9792 - Rapid Seam Application Development with the NetBeans IDE

Michael will also talk about JBoss Seam, the product. These tracks are more focused on JBoss Seam ease of use and Rapid Application Development (this is what JBoss Seam is about after all ;- ) )

Check the JavaOne website or the JBoss website for more info.

I think a party is planed too, see you there.

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