Seam meetup

Tonight most of the Hibernate Team and especially the Seam Team met for the first time in person in San Francisco. The next couple of days we will have fun digging into what is next for Hibernate and Seam in particular.

Since this is such a special occurrence you are all invited to help us celebrate this on Friday, March the 2nd in the evening. The details is to be found at this space .


That is though not the only thing happening around SF; next week there is EclipseCon in Santa Clara where JBoss/Red Hat will have a booth and do the following talks.

Eclipse Linux Distros Project Overview

Autotools demo

OSGi and JBoss Microcontainer

JBoss introduces new open source tools and frameworks for building rich internet applications

Developing an Editor for Directed Graphs with the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework

Building Rich Internet Applications With Open Source JBoss Frameworks and Tools

and finally, Hibernate Tools

See you there!

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