Hibernate Tools goes to the movies

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Last week we released Hibernate Tools 3.2.0.beta9 and we actually did it twice.

A typo error prevented JPA configurations from working from inside Eclipse thus if you downloaded Hibernate Tools early last week you should go and make sure to get the beta9a version.

Ease of setup

This release has a lot of improvements but the best new feature is definitely that we no longer require users to setup and maintain a separate classpath for the console configuration. Now the classpath of the java project will be used by default.

This makes the setup much easier.

The second best new feature is the full support for JPA configurations (through Hibernate EntityManager). This means that we do also no longer require a hibernate.cfg.xml with a listing of all the annotated classes; the discovery of entities and configuration will be done automatically as long as you have a /META-INF/persistence.xml in your class path.

The last feature I want to mention is again a feature that strips down the need for setup compared to before. HQL editing and validation inside java code is now enabled automatically for projects that has a console configuration associated.

Could it be made easier ? Let us know

Seeing is believing...

To get a feel of the improvements and the overall functionality we created a set of viewlets/movies.

We have done this before and received good feedback on them and most people thought they were informative but too long and boring.

Therefore we made a bunch of small and to the point movies showing the basics of each major/primary feature, allowing you to just see what you are interested in and not get bored too long.

The movies are listed here .

Have fun!

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