5 years and Hibernate in Copenhagen

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I cannot believe it is now 5 years ago I bumped into hibernate, and if you use the way back machine and know the original url(s) of the project you can have a walk down memory lane (yes, the front page were even simpler than what Christian just posted in the very first days of Hibernate; I guess he were being nice towards Gavin and his taste of color)

Browsing through the online mail and forum archives is also tremendous fun; could be interesting to collect some of the milestones and funny anecdotes from these.

Coincidentally I get to celebrate this event by doing the first public training in Copenhagen about Hibernate on 5-6. December, see here for details. I'll look forward to be in the motherland to tell and teach about the current result of the 5 years journey.

I will also be presenting on Hibernate JPA and EJB3 in Copenhagen 4. December at Dansk-IT Java group meeting. You can see the program (in Danish) here .

See you in Copenhagen and to Hibernate and the team: Tillykke med fdselsdagen!

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