Hibernate Tools 3.1 Beta 5 released

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Hibernate Tools 3.1.0.beta5 (http://tools.hibernate.org) have been made available.

The tools are for both Eclipse and ANT.

This version is where the template functionallity is finally based on FreeMarker.

As an extra treat the tools now bundle a FreeMarker plugin to help out when writing custom templates (Thanks to Joe Hudson).

ANT users also get a most-wanted feature, namely removal of the old requirement of having to specify all mapped classes in hibernate.cfg.xml when e.g. generating the schema based on EJB3 annotated classes.

The new <ejb3configuration> support in the ant task allows standard EJB3 persistence packaged projects to be automatically scanned for mappings and then used like any other Hibernate compatible configuration.

See screenshots and other noteworthy news at here for more information.

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