The Hibernate team is please to announce Hibernate EntityManager 3.1beta6 and Hibernate Annotations 3.1beta8, a compliant implementation of the latest and greatest EJB3 Proposed Final Draft.

What's new in the spec and in Hibernate's implementation:

  • cleaner way to persist enums
  • enhancement round queries including support for scalar and composite primary keys in native queries
  • implicit entity access type depending on the @Id annotation position
  • callbacks and entity listeners inheritance in an entity hierarchy
  • more natural annotation design (better separation of concern for some features)
  • possibility to have mapped superclasses or even non mapped superclasses in between two entities in the hierarchy
  • support for long conversation programmatic model
  • enhanced locking API
  • multiple persistence unit declaration per jar file
  • possibility to disable entities autodiscovery in jar files
  • .par extension no longer needed

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