Hibernate Tools Alpha 5 released

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A new updated version of the Hibernate Tools (http://tools.hibernate.org) project have been made available.

The tools are for both Eclipse and ANT, the ANT related docs are at http://www.hibernate.org/hib_docs/tools/ant/index.html

The eclipse plugins is now compatible with WTP 0.7 and contains a bunch of new features and improvements.

My personal favorite at the moment, is the Dynamic Query Translator view which continously shows you the SQL, Hibernate will generate for the query you are typing in the HQL editor. Great for learning and tuning HQL queries - note that EJB3-QL works here too.

The HQL editor is also new and replaces the HQL view and introduces code formatting, syntax highlighting and code completion.

Furthermore we have a initial class diagram view as well as many other improvements to wizards, templates, and code generators. See the complete list with screenshots at class diagrams at http://www.hibernate.org/hib_docs/tools/newandnoteworthy/hibernate-eclipse-news-3.1.0.alpha5.html for more information.

As always feedback, ideas, contributions, patches, bug-reports are more than welcome by the usual means at http://forum.hibernate.org and JIRA.

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