Hibernate3 is now ready for a public test, go get it! It has all (well almost all) features we'll ever need for object/relational mapping, and if it doesn't have it, it's easy to subclass, extend, and implement.

We still have some things left on our TODO for the beta (no release date yet on the final), but it's getting better every day and we might have a very stable first beta. If you want to help, we are still looking for documentation translators.

Incidentally, the Hibernate project is now 1000 days old, if you believe the SourceForge stats . We actually had the Hibernate3 alpha finished for the anniversary, but then Gavin's laptop didn't agree with its owner anymore. At least it was an excuse to finish some website redesign.

P.S. The first copies of Hibernate in Action arrived! Mine was sent to an old address (thats the problem if you need years to finish something) and I'm going to hunt it down now. I already received a Thank You! email from the finder...

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