A few folks have been asking what the hell's happened to me, and I realized that I have not posted anything here for like 6 months. Well, the truth is, apart from recently becoming a father, I've been quite busy with a really exciting new project. And yeah, my head is full of a hundred interesting things I could blog about, but, unfortunately, the new project is super-duper secret for now, so I'll have to keep a lid on it until we're ready for an alpha release (perhaps another 6 months from now).

25. Aug 2010, 06:49 CET | Link

Hm.. I hope that the new project is weld-related or seam-related project, because I believe most of visitors waiting something new from you.. ;).

25. Aug 2010, 07:02 CET | Link
Grzegorz Grzybek | gr.grzybek(AT)

Congratulations for both parents! Becoming a father gives you totally new perspectives and priorities, but it's great to see how your child changes every day :)

best regards!

26. Aug 2010, 05:48 CET | Link

Fatherhood is so much fun. Congrats on everything. The community is always here for ya.

26. Aug 2010, 07:28 CET | Link

Good to know you are working on something exciting! Keep us updated.

26. Aug 2010, 15:58 CET | Link
Congratulations! and is it the thing you showed to me when I met you? :)
26. Aug 2010, 18:52 CET | Link
Why should OpenSource projects be super-duper-secret?

Let me guess:

- you are rewriting the Linux-kernel in Java

- you just invented a new program-language (ARGGGGG!!!!)

- you wrote a new browser-game ("Gavin's farm")
30. Aug 2010, 08:40 CET | Link

Congratulations, Gavin! Boy or Girl? I have two boys (2 years and the other of 9 months)... can you get enough sleep ;) ?

01. Sep 2010, 14:11 CET | Link

Viva Pasquale, Viva Gavin

08. Sep 2010, 17:49 CET | Link

Esperando por el super secreto nuevo proyectoo !!! ;) hehehe