I saw someone is asking what new in Hibernate Core 4.0, so I take sometime and try to summary it here. first of all, please see:

  • the migration guide for 4.0
  • JIRA filter link which lists all improvements and new features in Hibernate Core 4.0.0, you can get all details from this link :)

some highlights:

  • move to gradle for builds
  • Redesign SessionFactory building
  • Introduction of services (see this for more details)
  • Improved metamodel (not in 4.0.0.Final yet, we planned this, but due to the tasks are more than we expected, and it would take too long to get 4.0 out, so we decided to move this out of 4.0.0.Final but will be upcoming release soon see this for more details, and this is a design document)
  • Initial osgi-fication by package splitting (public, internal, spi)
  • Support for multi-tenant databases (see this for more details)
  • Migration to i18n logging framework (using jboss logging)
  • JDK 1.6 (JDBC4) as baseline
  • and more (I can't remember all the things :)
13. Nov 2011, 21:47 CET | Link

The JBoss Logging link is incorrect/doesn't work.

16. Nov 2011, 10:40 CET | Link

fixed, thanks

22. Nov 2011, 18:55 CET | Link

Can you please elaborate more about why there is a move to JBOSS logging from slf4j. It is always a hassle to add things to the classpath and it helps to know why something is needed.

13. Dec 2011, 18:24 CET | Link

14. Dec 2011, 15:45 CET | Link
Wiki section about Services#The_ServiceRegistry seems to be outdated, cannot find ServicesRegistryBootstrap and ServicesInitialize.
And what about CustomService ?
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