The 2.0.0.Beta2 release of Weld comes less than a month after the previous release. We planned a spin this short to give you a chance to try out the CDI 1.1 preview implementation before going away for the winter break. Several bugs have been fixed. In addition, this release implements the latest changes in the CDI 1.1 specification (see the release notes for details).

JBoss AS

It's easy to upgrade your existing JBoss AS 7 installations with Weld 2. Check the installer (packaged within the distribution bundle) and follow the instructions. You'll need JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final or better.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

[ Distribution (Weld, CDI TCK)] [Release notes (Weld, CDI TCK)] [ CDI 1.1 PRD Javadoc ]

22. Dec 2012, 09:09 CET | Link

I can not find the instructions of how to deploy the weld2 examples to JBOSS AS7, and weld 2 readme file said Currently, you must use JBoss AS 7 or above to deploy the provided examples out of the box, maybe we missed something in readme file?


02. Jan 2013, 15:17 CET | Link

First you need to upgrade Weld in JBoss AS 7. Use the installer in the weld bundle and follow the instructions in the readme file.

Then, build the example using

mvn package
and deploy the resulting war file either using JBoss AS 7 CLI, web console or as a filesystem deployment.

03. Jan 2013, 04:50 CET | Link
subaochen | subaochen(AT)

Thanks JH!

It would be better if can deploy the example like:

ant deploy 


mvn jboss-as:deploy


24. Jan 2014, 04:49 CET | Link

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It's easy to upgrade your existing JBoss AS 7 installations with Weld 2. Check the installer (packaged within the distribution bundle) and follow the instructions. You'll need JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final or better.