I'm pleased to announce the release of the Web Beans RI 1.0.0.ALPHA1. This release implements the core of the JSR-299 Web Beans specification and represents a major milestone on the road towards the GA release. Some of the highlights of this release include simple and enterprise Web Beans, support for JBoss Application Server 5, typesafe injection, events and producer methods. There's an exhaustive list below.

The release also includes three examples, a full EE example, with enterprise beans, a war example with simple beans and the login example from the reference docs. To learn more about Web Beans I suggest you read the reference guide or browse

This release wouldn't have been possible without the sterling work of a number of people. In alphabetical order, thanks go to: David Allen (events and much more), Nik Karlsson (enterprise beans, contexts and much more), Ales Justin (JBoss Microcontainer integration) Gavin King (oversight, documentation) and Andrew Lee Rubinger (JBoss EJB3 integration).

In detail, this release provides support for:

  • support for simple Web Beans
  • support for enterprise Web Beans and enterprise bean remove methods
  • typesafe and name based resolution
  • producer methods
  • producer fields
  • the dependent context
  • support for JBoss 5
  • the servlet contexts: application, session and request
  • Field and constructor injection
  • @Initializer methods
  • Event support (firing and observing events)
  • definition of observer methods through annotations
  • injection of event producers
  • conditional events
  • stereotypes
  • Support for lifecycle callbacks (@PostConstruct and @PostDestroy)
  • an SPI to integrate with other containers

There is also a preview of support for:

  • the login example from chapter 2 of the reference guide
  • transactional observers
  • dynamic lookup through @Obtains
  • specialization

We'll be moving fast over the next few weeks to deliver ALPHA2, and then BETA1 (which will be feature complete). Watch this space!

[Download] [Reference Documentation] [JIRA] [Release Notes]

23. Dec 2008, 03:51 CET | Link

Hooray! :-)

23. Dec 2008, 04:10 CET | Link
Oleg Gunchenko

Impressed ))

23. Dec 2008, 05:53 CET | Link

Kewl. Waiting for GA now. :-)

23. Dec 2008, 09:27 CET | Link
Aaron Walker

Looking forward to having a play with it.... Nice work to all involved

23. Dec 2008, 12:09 CET | Link

Thanks for making this available on maven repository

23. Dec 2008, 12:34 CET | Link

i love it :D

23. Dec 2008, 18:15 CET | Link

Awesome! thank you!

29. Dec 2008, 19:00 CET | Link

Nice announcement without any hint what Net Beans actually is!

29. Dec 2008, 22:17 CET | Link
Bernd wrote on Dec 29, 2008 13:00:
Nice announcement without any hint what Net Beans actually is!

The links to the web page, the documentation and the JSR number didn't help? This link at the bottom of the article to 20+ other blog entries relating to Web Beans didn't help?

Oh well, then, wait, let me google that for you.

06. Jan 2009, 01:24 CET | Link

Hi, any plan making a roadmap for Seam 3.0 (and Hibernate 4.0)... I miss the old time of the hibernate 3.x roadmap detailing what features will be included in future versions.