Seam Faces - Version 3.0.0.Beta1 is released. Several bugfixes as well as several new features have been included. This new version requires Weld Version 1.0.1.Beta1 or later. (Meaning GlassFish 3.1 or JBoss AS 6 M5+)

We have also begun integrating Seam Managed Transactions, however, this requires an optional dependency on the Seam Persistence Module.


Also note that JBoss Logging is now required instead of SLF4J.



  • [SEAMFACES-42] - IllegalProductException: WELD-000052 Cannot return null from a non-dependent producer method

Feature Request

  • [SEAMFACES-21] - raise before navigate event
  • [SEAMFACES-22] - create an input field container component that supplements a composite component
  • [SEAMFACES-54] - Need a producer for the standard Faces javax.faces.context.Flash object
  • [SEAMFACES-56] - Update Seam Faces to use JBoss Logging


  • [SEAMFACES-53] - The FlashScopedContext unnecessarily adds a fid parameter into the query string when only a single Flashcontext is active.

15. Jan 2011, 21:08 CET | Link

I can´t find the custom CDI ViewScope. It´s seems that the current version doesn´t implement this yet. When we will see beta 3?


16. Jan 2011, 12:55 CET | Link
Carlos Augusto

Can we have CDI ViewScoped also for JSF 1.2?

30. Aug 2014, 03:57 CET | Link

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