I'm pleased to say we have released Seam 2.0.2.GA.

This release focuses on stability, component updates and documentation improvements. We've fixed over 150 bugs since Seam 2 was released back in November, and, with over 70 000 downloads since then, Seam 2 has had pretty good exposure.

Thanks to the hard work of the team we've also improved the look and feel of the reference documentation. Technical content has also been added with chapters on getting started with JBoss Tools, a tutorial on internationalising your app, and updated information on using Seam with different application containers.

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16. May 2008, 05:58 CET | Link
Kenneth Christensen

Looking forward to version 2.1.0.GA :-)

16. May 2008, 22:51 CET | Link

BTW, according to this bug fix, it appears that Weblogic 10.X with EJB 3 is now supported. I know a lot of people have been asking about this. It came up in a question during Michael Yuan's BOF at JavaOne.

17. May 2008, 04:34 CET | Link

Yeah I'll be posting a blog about weblogic and seam. We ran into so many little hiccups with Weblogic that it deserves its own blog.

The Seam reference guide chapter is fully updated with the information. weblogic chapter

17. May 2008, 22:01 CET | Link
Joerg Schneider


just one more comment about the Weblogic issues. As mentioned in the documentation, there is a patch available that fixes the varargs issue (CR327275). The interceptor issue also can be worked-around as described in the documentation via a special configuration. The remaining issue, the somehow left-out methods in Welogic's generated internal stub did yet not show up in our environment, if using a JRockit 1.5.11 JVM. So having CR327275 installed and using JRockit 1.5.11 everything works fine in Weblogic - incl. the TimerServiceDispatcher. I'd be happy, if someone could confirm :-)

Cheers, Joerg

06. Jun 2008, 12:14 CET | Link
Joerg Schneider


just an addition : yesterday I recevied the outstanding patch CR370259 and together with CR327275 we tested Seam against Weblogic using a Sun JVM and everything worked fine including the TimerServiceDispatcher EJB. So, working configurations for Seam and Weblogic are : Seam/Weblogic/JRockit1.5.0.11/CR3272755 or Seam/Weblogic/Sun1.5.0.11/CR3272755/CR370259 Cheers Joerg

06. Jun 2008, 12:54 CET | Link
Joerg Schneider

there is a typo : it's actually CR327275 and not CR3272755 - sorry