RichFaces 3.3.0.BETA1 has been deployed to:

So, rich:editor and global queue mechanism including a4j:queue component available for public review within this BETA. So awaiting for community feedback!

25. Nov 2008, 22:37 CET | Link

Great. The nightlies have seemed stable, so I'll give this one a try also.


26. Nov 2008, 19:16 CET | Link

At last rich editor :) Nice job! Richfaces now only need very good documentation with a lot of different samples, advices etc... Also performance improvements and better quality, and it will be great.

11. Dec 2008, 20:28 CET | Link

Yes, Editor is nice. But does not correctly work in IE when I try to rerender panel with one

23. Dec 2008, 16:48 CET | Link

What about a rich component to generate a chart? Thx

03. Jan 2009, 07:38 CET | Link

Please, From where can I download the Editor?!