Last night I uploaded two bugfix releases of Hibernate Search stable branches:

  • 4.4.3.Final (Hibernate ORM 4.2 and JPA 2.0 users, JBoss 7.2 and EAP6)
  • 4.5.1.Final (Hibernate ORM 4.3 and JPA 2.1 users, WildFly 8)

They both contain several backported fixes, thanks to the excellent testing efforst of Guillaume Smet and Yoann Rodiere, who found very sophisticated issues and also helped with patches. I now added Yoann as committer too, congratulations!

Details of fixes can be found in the 4.4.3.Final changelog.txt and 4.5.1.Final changelog.txt.

Happy searching!

16. Apr 2014, 11:27 CET | Link

I erased it by accident but someone asked of Hibernate Search 4.4.3 is compatible with Hibernate ORM 4.2.x. The answer is yes, it should, let us know otherwise.

03. Jul 2014, 09:07 CET | Link

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