After an alpha, a beta, 2 CR's and countless nightly builds I'm proud to present the JBoss Tools 3 release!


Don't forget to read the installation instructions for JBoss Tools if this is the first time installing JBoss Tools (it is not so hard, you just need as a minimum Eclipse JEE bundle).

It is not recommended to update from Eclipse 3.3 to 3.4 via Eclipse updatesite - we recommend to do a fresh install.

Starting JBoss Tools 3 with a workspace created/used with JBoss Tools 2 is supported, but do take a backup just in case - let us know if you have issues upgrading.


This release has fixes for 250+ issues, a new logo, an updated website and a couple of new features/improvements.

You can see the improvements made since JBoss Tools 2 and up to this release here.

The major highlights since JBoss Tools 3 are:

  • Seam pages.xml editor
  • Improved code completion and better EL warnings
  • Configure values for EL in Visual Editor
  • Faster Visual Page Editor with updates for Richfaces 3.3
  • Portlet Wizards
  • Project Examples for easy access to sample projects
  • Drools is back
  • JBoss ESB projects and deployment
  • JMX perspective
  • Hibernate runtime support in Eclipse JPA projects
  • Hibernate configuration can now use DTP and JPA configured connections
  • Hibernate Birt integration
  • ESB support in jBPM graphical editor
  • TPTP profiling mode for JBoss servers
  • Experimental Smooks editor
  • Based on Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede)
  • ...and more


This is a major release and I dare not mention every individual that participated in this release from memory since I would most definitely forget some. Thus I'll list everyone who is listed in the commit logs in alphabetical order, without them nothing would have been done :

Alexey Kazakov, Aliaksey Nis, Anastasiya Bogachuk, Anton Klimkovich, Daniel Azarov, Dart Peng, Denis Golovin, Denis Maliarevich, Denny Xu, Dmitry Geraskov, Grid Qian, Igor Zhukov, John Graham, Koen Aers, Kris Verlaenen, Lex Dmitriev, Maksim Areshkau, Mikhail Sorokin, Nick Boldt, Olga Chikvina, Rob Stryker, Sean Flanigan, Sergey Dzmitrovich, Slava Kabanovich, Snjezana Peco, Svetlana Mukhina, Victor Rubezhny, Vitali Yemialyanchyk, Yagor Radtsevich, Yura Zhishko!

And to the top contributors in jira like Galder ZamarreƱo, Tom Feenelly, Krasimir Goutcev, Juergen Zimmermann, Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez, Adrian Mitev, Joao Paulo Viragine and everyone else who made contributions by emails, jiras and forum postings - Thank you! Without your feedback, our work would be boring; keep it coming!

Until next time follow us at Twitter and if you are there find us at EclipseCon next week.

Have fun!

17. Mar 2009, 21:02 CET | Link

congratulations, I will try it

17. Mar 2009, 21:08 CET | Link

Great Job! Congrats guys!

18. Mar 2009, 00:27 CET | Link

Congratulations guys, thanks for all your hard work!!

Nice logo

18. Mar 2009, 00:54 CET | Link
Adrian Mitev

Congratulations and thank you for the great job guys!

18. Mar 2009, 03:12 CET | Link

Congratulations with a great Job. Thanks for providing us with those excellent tools.

I also really like the new website, logo and merchandising ;).

18. Mar 2009, 14:42 CET | Link
Erik-Berndt Scheper

Great job! However, I think he installation page needs updating as it still refers to for the jboss tools 3.0 update site.

21. Mar 2009, 01:37 CET | Link
Francisco Peredo

Congratulations! Just downloaded it, it works great!

06. Apr 2009, 11:27 CET | Link
Aniesh UK Nair

That's a wonderful jobs brainees. The effort done by you all doesn't have words to appreciate. :)

08. Apr 2009, 22:28 CET | Link

Dependency hell with two ganymede installations. Can't use the update site nor the download package. Not your fault of course. Eclipse update manager sucks, it has always sucked and will probably always suck as if it were done by a bunch of brainless drunken monkeys.

Anyway, going for a new fresh eclipse install, I am really eager to try out the new goodies, congratulatinos!

09. Apr 2009, 02:00 CET | Link


What two ganymede installations ?

Yes, eclipse update manager is troublesome but this time around we are using the latest version of Ganymede, i.e. no patching needed. Just wondering what is causing you problems ?



09. Apr 2009, 05:03 CET | Link

Max, Where should we report bugs? I am using the Hibernate ODA in a BIRT report and I get an error when trying to do sub reports. The first subreport query runs but subsequent ones do not. Other than that, so far me likee! Good work!


09. Apr 2009, 06:17 CET | Link

Hi Mark,

Follow the JIRA link in the blog and bug away ;)



09. Apr 2009, 06:53 CET | Link

Will do.

16. Apr 2009, 15:54 CET | Link

Go figure, I was missing some dependency activation specified in the installation guide. My fault? probably, but I still hate the update manager to the gut: every time I tried anything it would block for minutes, only to fail at the end with unclear error messages. In the end I finally managed to install, great tools, thanks again!