I'm happy to be able to announce that you can now download JBoss Tools 3.1 M2. Those who loves Maven will hopefully also love this release!

3.1 Milestone 2: Maven Allowed


Don't forget to read the installation instructions for JBoss Tools if this is the first time installing JBoss Tools (it is not so hard, you just need as a minimum Eclipse 3.5 JEE bundle).

This release works with Eclipse 3.5/Galileo which is avaliable from

Please remember that this release is a milestone build hence it is not fully QA'ed and some features might not be fully implemented yet. This release is made available so you can provide feedback to the upcoming final releases of JBoss Tools.

New Features

This release have been spent on many bugfixes and making sure we worked well on Eclipse 3.5 GA, but a few new features and improvements have sneaked in. The following is the highlights and you can see the details with screenshots in What's New.


Support for Maven have been the most requested feature in JBoss Tools for a long time. I hope you find it worth the wait now that we are integrating with m2eclipse to provide a good experience where we try and treat Maven and Eclipse as equals. For this release we focused on making the Seam Wizard or rather Eclipse WTP's project wizards capable of creating Maven ready projects, upcoming releases will improve the usecase of importing existing Maven projects.

Note: shortly before M2 release, m2eclipse released a 0.9.9 on their update-dev updatesite which changed the API we dependend on. We have fixed that in M3/trunk build, so for M2 it is important to use m2eclipse stable updatesite or the latest integration build we developed M2 against. If you want to use latest development release of m2eclipse you need to use the nightly builds of JBoss Tools.

Archived Update Site

Now that P2 have matured immensly in Eclipse 3.5 we are moving away from dropin-installation zip's and instead provide an archived update site zip for local download. This archive can be used to properly install the various JBoss Tools plugins via P2 instead of via the now deprecated dropin's mechanism. This also means you can just download one .zip file for all supported platforms, instead of four.

XHTML Validation

We enabled proper XML validation of .xhtml files so you now get proper warnings for namespaced tags.

Conditional rendering in Visual Page Editor

Until now configured EL expressions in the Visual Page Editor were only used for including resources. In this release we started evaluating EL expressions in rendered attributes to allow you to hide parts of the rendering in the editor just as it would look like in your application when running. No more double-vision.

Improved incremental validation

The speed of validation of EL expressions when you save a file is now greatly improved.


The Smooks editor have undergone massive changes in M1 and M2. This release continues adding more features and improvements to the Smooks configuration editor.

jBPM 4

We have included jBPM 4 into this release, making the tools support both jBPM 3 and 4.


Use our forum and/or JIRA to let us know what you think and open feature requests/bug reports - we are all ears!

Have fun!

12. Jul 2009, 01:55 CET | Link

just tested P2 repo of JBoss Tools and installed Drools into my Eclipse 3.5 SDK under OSX Cocoa 64-bit My Link works great thx ekke

12. Jul 2009, 13:57 CET | Link

btw: as I understand - the P2 repo is only availabla as download, I would prefer an online update software site (P2) then it would be much easier to get nightly builds to be placed into Eclipse or Target Platform Definitions

thx ekke

12. Jul 2009, 16:31 CET | Link

The online updatesite have been a p2 one for almost a year - the archived one is the new part versus having a zip you use with dropins.

13. Jul 2009, 17:48 CET | Link

I am looking forward to have the support for existing mavenized seam projects.

Nice to see both technologies getting better integration.

14. Jul 2009, 18:10 CET | Link


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