We are releasing JBoss Tools 2.0.0.GA today! Downloads available here.

This is the first GA standalone release of our plugins that integrates the Eclipse plugins from what was formerly known as JBossIDE and Exadel Studio into one.

The combined works gives you first-class support for JBoss related technology and an unprecedented development environment for JSF and Seam. All the tooling is well integrated with JBoss technologies but we are not limited to that. All the functionality will work standalone and with other application servers.

Main feature highlights are:

  • First-class support for JBoss Seam 1.2 and 2.0
  • Visual Page editor for rich editing of (X)HTML, JSP, JSF and Facelets pages
  • Unique JSF and Facelets support
  • JBoss AS server integration
  • Project Archives
  • Hibernate 3 Support
  • JBPM support

...and more! All available for Linux, Windows and Mac

Getting started

The reference documentation are available at

What's New and Noteworthy plus some screen casts are also avaible on the Seam and Project archives features.

Upgrade from previous versions

If you are an JBossIDE user then you should be able to easily upgrade.

If you used JBossIDE Packaging you can either continue to just run the /packaging-build.xml/ directly or to migrate the related projects to JBoss Tools archiving. We have provided a migration script here and you can read more about the JBoss Tools archiving in a previous blog entry.

If you are an Exadel Studio user then you will find an migration guide here.

What is the difference between JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Tools

This release of JBoss Tools is what went into our JBoss Developer Studio which provides an easy-to-install Eclipse based IDE fully configured and ready to run with the bundled JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

In short JBoss Tools are just a set of Eclipse plugins and JBoss Developer Studio adds:

  • An installer
  • Eclipse and Web Tools preconfigured
  • JBoss EAP with JBoss AS and Seam preconfigured
  • 3rd party plugins bundled and configured
  • Access to RHEL and Red Hat Network
  • Access to the JBoss/Red Hat supported software

It is available for existing support customers or under a 99$ subscription which you can read more about here.


As always your feedback and questions are very welcome in our forum and if you have found an issue or feature request then please report that in our jira.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas ;)

28. Dec 2007, 19:07 CET | Link

When I saw these differences between JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Tools, I thought about the difference between IDE memory size Let see JBoss Tool 60mb Eclipse Europa 120mb

Red Hat Developer Studio 550mb (let remove JBossAS, so 490mb)

so 490mb minus 180mb equals 310mb

now tell me... installer, wtp, eap seam, 3rd party plugs, rhel and supporting are greater than 300mb?

There is SpringIDE and Struts support on JBoss Tools?

29. Dec 2007, 00:19 CET | Link

I am not sure what you are asking about ?

Post it on the user forum - much better to dicuss this ,)

p.s. there are no RHEL in the JBDS download.

08. Jan 2008, 05:26 CET | Link

Hi Max! Do you know if the bundle for all plugins linux ( is working on a linux 64 bits machine?

08. Jan 2008, 13:17 CET | Link

I use on my 64bit machine so sure it works (just need to use a 32-bit jvm)

31. Jan 2008, 03:26 CET | Link

See JIRA 1323 for a 64 bit Visual Page Editor. It is the only thing needed to use a 64 bit JVM with JBoss Tools and hopefully will be integrated into the standard distribution soon.