Since I've blogged on here. Such is life. I've been playing with the Red Hat Development Studio but it's been hampering my efforts due to

a) it not being available for OS X b) it not having Seam 2.0

As I noted on the past on my Thinking in Seam blog, I was trying to work with the Parallels virtualisation software and this was going quite well but the default install of Seam 1.2 in the Beta 1 version of RHDS that I was using (Beta 2 ships with 1.2.1) meant that it wasn't really ticking all the boxes for me.

So Max Andersen posted on my blog about the JBoss Tools project shipping an OS X installable, I was very excited. However, the promised hasn't been fulfilled yet as it seems to want to consume all the memory it can and then fall over in a heap! If I don't use all the best bits at once (JSF editor, faces config editor and JBoss Server management) and just use one at a time, then it's not too bad. Hopefully these things will improve with time (and feed back from people like myself), but I do suggest that if you're wanting RHDS for Seam 2.0, then you should give JBoss Tools a try.

30. Oct 2007, 21:26 CET | Link

There is a problem parsing eclipse.ini in Eclipse 3.3.1 - I have to launch it with

/Applications/eclipse/eclipse -vmargs -Xms128m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m

on OS X - then no crashing :)

31. Oct 2007, 18:07 CET | Link


You are my saviour! That has made everything work without falling over. I can't overstate how much of a performance boost this has given my development in both having a good set of tools and the tools being stable.

Many, many thanks!

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reaches and departs from Oz in circus balloon.