We're in Boston for JUDCon and Red Hat Summit; Emmanuel is on stage coding live a nice new demo using Hibernate Search to combine full-text with geographic filtering. It will be contributed to JDF quickstarts but you can already get the sources.

He's using Hibernate Search 4.3.0.Final!

That's right it's released and available as usual from Sourceforge or via Maven, and will be available in WFK 2.3 with professional support. Let's recap what is most interesting in this release:

Improved JGroups support

The JGroups backend was refactored and also introduced an option to use it as a synchronous backend.

Modules created for JBoss EAP or WildFly

It is now possible to not include the Hibernate Search jars in your application but add it as a set of Modules to the application server. Details for this deployment can be found in the new chapter in the reference documentation. Of course you can still include the jars in your applications if you prefer that.

Very significant performance improvements in the Near-Real-Time backend

While fixing a bug in the NRT backend we also found an opportunity for a great performance improvement. I posted some figures on a previous blog post.

Spatial improved

The API was made more consistent, the documentation got some love: no big highlights but we got some nice polishing all around.

Updated components

All dependencies where updated; in particular we took care to be compatible with latest JBoss EAP 6.1 release and its associated versions of Infinispan and JGroups.

The complete list of changes can be found on the JIRA release notes.

Get in touch

  • on the forums or on the mailing list, or join us for a chat on IRC
  • the issue tracker is JIRA and all code is on GitHub
  • send us an email or a tweet to let us know what cool things you're doing with it!

What's next?

Patches for Hibernate Search 4.4 have been merged already, an partially on 5.0 which is finally going to support Lucene 4. More details are shared on The Roadmap.

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