Hibernate Search 3.3 CR1 is out. Last chance for testing before the baby goes out. This release include many bug fixes and small features but we have added a couple of significant ones:

  • support for Lucene numeric fields: numbers can be indexed using a trie structure and make queries much faster than the traditional string representation (experimental)
  • support for query timeouts (either by raising an exception or by returning results already fetched)
  • support for queryable null values (see indexNullAs: by default null values are not indexed (and thus not queryable), you can optionally index null values ow
  • support for NIO and memory mapped file for filesystem based directory providers
  • support for shortcut names for common directory providers

Many thanks to Gustavo Nalle Fernandes for all his week-end contributions.

Check out the new release on's Maven repository or download the distribution. You can also read the documentation.

If you find an issue, you know the way.

08. Nov 2010, 21:22 CET | Link

Good job.

06. Dec 2010, 11:04 CET | Link
Uwe Schindler

From the docs, it appears that @NumericField can only be applied to int, long, double, float? Lucene/Solr also allows Date/Calendar instances, as they are only another representation of numerics. Internally Solr uses Date.getTime() (so the unix epoch in milliseconds) as long numeric field.

Would this be not also applicable for Hibernate Date fields?

18. Sep 2014, 14:19 CET | Link

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