I'm pleased to say that CDI 1.1 is available and included in Java EE 7. If you want to learn more, read on, and join a webcast 12th June about all the technologies in Java EE 7. Both webcasts are followed by a Q&A session, when CDI experts will be on hand to answer your questions. The webcast is at [9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 5 pm London] or [9 pm PT / 12 am ET (Thursday) / 2 pm Sydney (Thursday)]

So, what's new in CDI 1.1?

Try it out and find out more

03. Jun 2013, 07:32 CET | Link

Great news!

And what happened to CDI-promoting site at (it was announced here). There's also but not much is going there...

03. Jun 2013, 19:45 CET | Link

Thanks to everybody for the job!

Weld 2??? Isn't covered by DeltaSpike?

10. Feb 2014, 15:28 CET | Link

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