That's now official, the Bean Validation specification has been voted YES by the JCP expert committee. That's the culmination of two and a half years of work. (I know the vote has ended nov 2nd but nobody told me ;) )

Many many thanks to all the persons involved that believed in this spec, worked on it, provided feedback and improvements over time whether it be the members of the expert group, of other expert groups or people in the community. Bringing a specification to birth is very tough, I have a lot more respect for specification leads now ;)

The final specification should officially show up soon on the JSR-303 webpage but in the mean time, you can read it here.

Now go download Hibernate Validator 4 and use it. The next preview of JBoss AS (due very soon) will contain support for JSF 2, Bean Validation (via Hibernate Validator), Java Context and Dependency injection (via Weld) and partial support for JPA 2 (via Hibernate 3.5.Beta2). All these specs and products integrate with each other to provide cross-the-board validation.

Now off to my Bean Validation presentation at W-JAX.

PS: Congratulations to the 299 EG and to the WebBea-ahem Weld team for their release.

11. Nov 2009, 15:52 CET | Link

And congratulation to the 303-team, too! Lots of good things happening right now in the Java scene.

(and a small rant - why the h311 does SpringSource bother being in the EC if they never vote on anything?)

11. Nov 2009, 18:57 CET | Link

Congratulations for this great enhancement Emmanuel.

We demoed Bean Validation in a security training at my company and we saw great opportunities to dramatically improve input validation. I hope the JAXB team will be interested in using Bean Validation for xsd2java code generation.

Time has come to learn regular expressions :-)

Thank you for this new feature.


11. Nov 2009, 19:42 CET | Link

Great! congratulations all; I've perceived somehow how busy you were, it's for sure a great feat. And it's looking very good, hope to be able to use it :-)

11. Nov 2009, 21:24 CET | Link
Drew Arrigoni

Great news and congratulations! This one in particular was always one that I kept my eye on!

11. Nov 2009, 22:38 CET | Link

Excellent; thanks for all your hard work, Emmanuel - the spec turned out great!

12. Nov 2009, 02:05 CET | Link

Congrats! I'm very excited to the possibilities a standard constraint language will bring.