The Seam community finally has a new home. Yes, everyone's been begging for this for, like, forever, but we wanted the Seam website to run entirely on Seam, which meant we had to build the infrastructure first. was created using Seam Wiki, a brand new wiki/forum/blog/FAQ engine implemented using Seam, Hibernate, RichFaces and JQuery. (Seam Wiki also powers this blog.)

A huge thanks to Christian for all his hard work on Seam Wiki, and And thanks to James Cobb for the design of

Let us know what you think in the forum!

13. Feb 2008, 06:15 CET | Link

Looks great!

13. Feb 2008, 15:21 CET | Link

congratulations. the new site looks awesome. great work.

13. Feb 2008, 18:49 CET | Link
Heiko W. Rupp

Cool stuff and nice look and feel. Congratulations.

13. Feb 2008, 22:26 CET | Link
Daoud AbdelMonem Faleh

So guys this where you were busy all this time? :) I missed new entries on the blog :) Congratulations. Keep on the good work

13. Feb 2008, 23:00 CET | Link
Jaime Martín

Nice to have a new seam home. Congratulations guys!

13. Feb 2008, 23:27 CET | Link
Maurice Zeijen

Nice job guys.

14. Feb 2008, 04:15 CET | Link

Awesome job! Are you going to publish the job of seam

14. Feb 2008, 14:52 CET | Link

I posted an entry on my blog about the announcement: Seam's new identity

16. Feb 2008, 00:56 CET | Link

Looks real nice. I like the portal format a lot. Nice arrangements of completed Jiras, site updates, news, forums... Looks really well done.

Seems you have set the bar!

17. Feb 2008, 00:33 CET | Link

Are you going to give the source code behind

18. Feb 2008, 10:40 CET | Link

Yes, it's already there, in the Seam distribution, under examples/wiki.

18. Feb 2008, 23:37 CET | Link

thanks , does it include everything in seamframework? including the forum?

19. Feb 2008, 02:58 CET | Link

It includes all the plugins (including the forum and FAQ plugins) but none of the content, so you will have to create a page that embeds the forum plugin yourself.

05. Mar 2008, 04:14 CET | Link
Ernesto Cullen | ecullen(AT)

I can't register on the site... It keeps saying 'invalid code' when I follow the link in the initial mail. I tried to reset my password, received the confirmation mail, and again 'invalid code' when i follow the link. May you please tell me how to register? I would like to participate in the forums! My username is 'mcgilbert'

05. Mar 2008, 04:21 CET | Link
Ernesto Cullen | ecullen(AT)

by the way... it would be nice to have an address where to write for support in these cases... i couldn't find any!

05. Mar 2008, 05:16 CET | Link
Ernesto Cullen | ecullen(AT)

well, that was fast... thanks! I'm 'in the matrix' now :-)