Hibernate Metamodel Generator 1.1.0.CR1

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Time to announce the 1.1.0.CR1 release for the Hibernate Metamodel Generator (hibernate-metamodelgen). In case you don't remember what this annotation processor does read this blog entry.

This release is a maintenance release fixing the 13 (absit omen) issues which were reported since the 1.0.0.Final release. Worth mentioning explicitly are METAGEN-28 and METAGEN-30 which add support for UserTypes and @Target (both Hibernate specific features). New functionality is also added by METAGEN-33 which adds support for an addGeneratedAnnotation option. The JPA specification recommends to add the @Generated annotation to the generated source files. However, so far Hibernate Metamodel Generator did not do that, because the annotation is only available since Java 6 and model classes containing it would not compile under Java 5. With the new option addGeneratedAnnotation you can tell the processor explicitly to add the @Generated annotation. You can pass processor specific options to an annotation processor by using the -Aproperty=value syntax. Make sure to check the online documentation for more available options.

You can download the release from the JBoss Maven repo or from SourceForge.

To report any issues use the Hibernate Jira project METAGEN.

Last but not least, following suite with the other Hibernate projects, the source code for Hibernate Metamodel Generator has as of now moved to GitHub. You can find it under - http://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-metamodelgen.


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