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(Max Andersen) Fork! Hibernate Tools is now on github
This morning I pushed live the github repository for Hibernate Tools (core). The new source location is at [=>] The Eclipse plugins for Hibernate Tools continues to live in the [JBoss Tools SVN repository=>] for now. To get to know Git and how to contribute I recommend reading Emmanuel's nice [Git Tips and Tricks=>] blog
(System Administrator) Everyone
<div style="float:right; width:29%; font-size: 90%"> <div>[<=blogRecentEntries[recentEntriesItems=20][recentEntriesTruncateTitle=40]]</div> <div style="margin-top:15px;"> [<=tags[maxNumberOfTags=15][linkToCurrentDocument=false]] </div> <div class="box" style="margin-top:15px;"> <div class="boxHeader">Inactive Bloggers</div> <div class="boxContent" style="text-align: left; margin-left: 10px;"> [John=>wiki://2322]<br/> [Sergey=>wiki://8873]<br/> </div
(Steve Ebersole) Re:
(Aleš Justin) Already registered for JUDCon?
[JUDCon=>] is just around the corner, and there is gonna be a lot of CDI / Weld presence. As [Pete already mentioned=>], we'll be doing an overview of Weld; its integration and usage inside JBoss Application Server v6 and v7, its test environment and the new [CDI 1.1=>]. = [Weld - past, present and future=>
(Emmanuel Bernard) Bean Validation for Flex developers
I have recently posted about the ability to use Bean Validation with various presentation technologies ([here=>] and [there=>]). Now Flex is part of the family. The good guys at [GraniteDS=>] have added support for Bean Validation into their project and hence Bean Validation is usable by all Flex users. The work
(Gavin King) The case against do-while
/Bloggers/AWrinkleInJavasDowhile#comment21090] to have [different intuitions=>] about the scope of declarations contained in the body
(Pete Muir) JavaOne, JUDCon and Devoxx 2011
and Seam with people such as [Emmanuel=>], [Dan=>], [Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine's =>] and [Nigel
(Steve Ebersole) Hibernate ORM 4.3.0.Final Release
://] for details = |CriteriaUpdate| and |CriteriaDelete
(Shane Bryzak) Seam.Next Update
We would like to thank everyone that provided feedback to the announcement we made [earlier this week=>]. We feel that the main concerns people have can be expressed as follows (please let us know if we've missed something!): = Portability: one of the promises of Seam, CDI and Java EE has been portability, and the community is loath to give this up. We do believe in portability and standards (just look at the evidence). We're reworking
(Emmanuel Bernard) Hibernate Search 4.1.0.Final - conditional indexing and more
for much faster indexing and smaller indexes. [Read more=>
(Aleš Justin) CapeDwarf optimizations and bug fixes aka 1.0.0.Beta2
With [first CapeDwarf release out of the way=>], it’s now time to address initial user issues. Since setting up CapeDwarf environment has become so simple -- just unzip the distribution, and CapeDwarf already running on [OpenShift=>], we got a few useful feedbacks; keep ‘em coming! Quick look at profiling showed we’re too eager on our logging. GAE has a LogService
(Jay Balunas) When will JSF have a new JSR & official Expert Group
/Bloggers/Dan] summed up JBoss/Red Hat's position quite clearly in his [letter to the JSR-314 public
(Jason Greene) AS 7.0.0.Alpha1 released!
is moving to a [\"pure\" modular class-loading environment=>
(Pete Muir) Weld 1.1.0.CR1 and CDI TCK 1.0.2
://], Stale Pedersen and Jason Porter for their hard work on this release