Over on Thinking in Seam, I've been running a series on working with Google Maps using Seam and I thought it would be an idea to put the links to the series in order on here.

First part of the process is to add a tag onto the map using the GMap tag from the RichFaces tag library. This processed is described on Markers in Google Maps.

Secondly, a little note on UK postcodes with Google Maps (in that, due to licensing issues, they do not work).

Next up is how to populate your Google Map - be warned, it's a big article! Also, there's the follow-up article in which a couple of issues I discovered after posting the original article are addressed.


26. Jun 2008, 05:54 CET | Link
Jason Poter

This may be the wrong place to ask, but what the heck. In the article it talks about RichFaces and their GMap tags. If you use ICEfaces is the procedure the same or similar?

26. Jun 2008, 06:33 CET | Link

I haven't tried this with ICEFaces, having had a quick glance at the API, the tag seems similar however the example provided with ICEFaces does not detail how you would enable markers on the map. Time permitting, I may try this and see if I can provide a working example using ICEFaces.


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