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17. Oct 2007, 15:13 CET, by Gavin King

Here's my slides[1] from the talk at Silicon Valley JUG. This was a basic overview of Web Beans, for those who know nothing about it.

Thanks to everyone for coming down!

14. Oct 2007, 01:58 CET, by Pete Muir

Since I posted that Seam was now available in Maven, both Michael Yuan and Wesley Hales have blogged about creating a Seam project with Maven, including automagically setting up Tomcat with JBoss Embedded (cool, huh!) and deploying the project to it.


10. Oct 2007, 22:01 CET, by Pete Muir

Here's a quick overview of a feature I've been wanting to add to Seam for ages. It's really easy to use - just create a standard SeamTest and inside the invokeApplication() call getRenderedMailMessage(viewIdOfMailMessageToRender). You can then make assertion's against the returned MimeMessage.

public class MailTest extends SeamTest {
   public void testSimpleMessage() throws Exception {
      new FacesRequest() {

         protected void invokeApplication() throws Exception {
            MimeMessage renderedMessage = getRenderedMailMessage("/simple.xhtml");
            assert renderedMessage.getAllRecipients().length == 1;
            InternetAddress to = (InternetAddress) renderedMessage.getAllRecipients()[0];
            assert to.getAddress().equals("");

This is still a feature under development so if you try it out and can't get it working, post on the forum

Our book Java Persistence with Hibernate is now available in German. You can get it from Hanser Verlag and they also have an eBook edition available. This is a literal translation of the English original. However, to finish the translation faster we decided to cut the bonus chapter with the Seam introduction. Sorry folks, I will ask Manning if we can get this chapter published for free in the English original version. With Seam 2.0 approaching final release this is a bit outdated anyway.

Over the past year I've started turning down most speaking invitations from conferences and other events. I found that when I do too many talks, I stop enjoying it, and this doesn't help me give a good performance. But in the next few weeks I'm going to get out and talk about Seam and Web Beans at the following events:

These events are really going to be the first opportunity I have to talk in detail about what we're doing with Web Beans, so I'm looking forward to hearing people's reactions!

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