I'd like extend my congratulations to fellow Java EE community member and blogger Adam Bien for being awarded Java Developer of the Year for 2010 by the editors of Oracle Magazine (image from November/December 2010 issue right). This is one award announced by Oracle this year that I can totally get behind and say is truly deserved.

If you speak with Adam even for any length of time, you immediately recognize that he strikes an ideal balance between being practical and flexible. He's quoted in the announcement as stating:

You have to be open to changes and suggestions

Java EE 6 brought a lot of changes in the platform, including JSR-299, and it's great to see Adam embrace the changes, apply them in practice and communicate (and challenge) the benefits through blog entries, books, articles, podcast interviews, presentations and status updates. The message he consistently delivers is:

Most developers are stunned to discover that Java EE 6 became even lighter than POJOs.

Can you ask for a more well-rounded champion for the platform? The best part is, I know Adam bases his support on technical merit and utility. To me, that's what makes his message carry so much weight.

Bien works with many companies as a Java architecture consultant for enterprise applications, helping organizations design and implement high-performance Java solutions and troubleshooting mission-critical problems. He's also the author of eight books and more than 100 articles on Java, architectures, and best practices.

So he works and gives back to the community. Hero.

Keep up the great work Adam and all Java EE rock stars who contribute practical experience to the community! You keep us away from Ivory Towers.

11. Oct 2010, 08:37 CET | Link

Congratulations! A very well deserved award.

11. Oct 2010, 12:56 CET | Link
Most developers are stunned to discover that Java EE 6 became even lighter than POJOs.

This sentence does not make sens!

12. Oct 2010, 00:04 CET | Link
Steve B

I have no problem when someone expresses his excitement about something, but lighter then POJOs? Isn't POJO the absolute zero of java development and therefore cannot be reached or exceeded because this would require a Java to be fully removed from the rest of the java universe. . . well unless you ask Chuck Norris for help

12. Oct 2010, 00:56 CET | Link
Stuart Douglas

Weld extensions has an @ServiceHandler extension that allows you to use interfaces as beans, no need even for pojo's :-)

This lets you do things like:

public interface UserQuery
  @Query("select u from User")
  public List<User> allUsers();


And then inject UserQuery directly and weld extensions will provide the implementation for you.

12. Oct 2010, 02:27 CET | Link

Congrats Adam. It was nice to attend a couple of your talks at JavaOne, and see you again.

12. Oct 2010, 09:17 CET | Link

@Stuart - and how is this lighter than POJO? This sounds to me like a lot of reflection and auto-generation going on. C'mon.

12. Oct 2010, 10:55 CET | Link
After almost 10 years after Rod Johnson's vision, someone discovered that he has right. But who cares now, when all the deaf are shouting '...have to be open to changes and suggestions'? It's very confusing state.
12. Oct 2010, 21:12 CET | Link

Taking lots of time for and spamming all Java development related on web to propagate technology that makes someone money and has good alternatives does not make the person a Developer of the year in my eyes

13. Oct 2010, 14:50 CET | Link
A.s.Ramanujam | ramanujam.bsc(AT)

This is the Great achievent ,for ur carrier.This is entry i think ,it will continue to ever and ever longrcrn.

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