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The Hibernate ResultTransformer is extremely useful to customize the way you fetch data from the database. Check out this article to learn more about this topic.

JPA and Hibernate use the first-level cache as a staging buffer for every read/write operation, and understanding its inner workings is very important if you want to use JPA effectively. For more details, you should definitely read this article.

Marco Behler offers 6 very practical video tutorials for Hibernate beginners.

Dealing with difficult software problems is easier than you might think. Check out this article for more details on how you can solve any software issue with the help of our wonderful software community.

If you wonder why you should choose Hibernate over plain JDBC, this article gives you 15 reasons why Hibernate is worth using.

This very short article offers a quick introduction to mapping a bidirectional one-to-many association. If you want to know what is the best way to map a one-to-many database relationship, then you should definitely read this article as well.

Database concurrency control is a very complex topic. PostgreSQL advisory locks are a very useful concurrency control API which you can use to implement multi-node coordination mechanisms. Check out this article for more details on this topic.

Time to upgrade

Hibernate ORM 5.2.10 has been released, as well as Hibernate Search 5.8.0.Beta1 which is now compatible with ElasticSearch 5.

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