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Don’t miss our Hibernate developer interviews with Rafael Winterhalter and Julien Dubois. If you like our interviews, then we have good news since we are going to interview many developers that are a constant inspiration for our Java community.

When streaming data from a Relational Database, it’s very important to understand the underlying JDBC Driver capabilities. Krešimir Nesek wrote a very good article about how you can take advantage of MySQL streaming when using Spring Data and Hibernate.

You should never concatenate strings when building dynamic queries, and this rule applies to JPQL queries as well. Check out this article for what dangers awaits you if you don’t follow this advice.

Nicky Bass Mølholm wrote a wonderful article explaining the benefit of using the newly introduced hibernate.jdbc.time_zone configuration property when using Spring Boot.

Matti Tahvonen has created Spring Boot example with Hibernate Spatial. You can check it out on GitHub.

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