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We have some exciting news on Ceylon, the new JVM based programming language Gavin has been discussing on this blog. We now have a website, a blog and opened up all our source code. Let's dive into some details.

A community website and a blog

We have just launched a dedicated website on everything related Ceylon. Whether you want to

  • quickly know what Ceylon is about,
  • want to explore it in more details,
  • or even try some live coding,

this is the right place. It's filled with doc, faqs, how-to etc.

And of course, we have a dedicated blog for Ceylon. Make sure to register to the Ceylon feed.

Sources and IDE

The other big news is that we have opened up our source repositories. Everything is on GitHub. If you want to explore the source or try it out, this is the place.

Note that we are not satisfied enough to call it a milestone 1 which should come in the next few weeks (check our roadmap). We essentially need to nail down more bugs and improve the integration between modules. But that should be good enough for adventurous souls.

To let you play more easily, we have also opened up the Ceylon IDE based on Eclipse. This is really cutting edge, you have been warned. Now go for it ;)


Probably the most important reason for releasing the source code and the website is that Ceylon is community driven. We want your feedback on design decisions we made or are making. One place to look for is on our issue tracker, any issue marked request for feedback or directly request them.

Now is a great time to get involved. And make sure to follow our blog.

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