Weld archetypes in the spotlight

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The initiative to create Weld archetypes has had a further reaching impact than just the community of developers interested in using CDI (via Weld). A recent entry on the Sonatype blog, titled Maven Archetypes and Nexus: “There is No Faster Way”, cites the Weld archetypes as:

...the perfect case study of how using Archetypes benefits the community.

Steven Boscarine (Weld community contributor) is applauded for recognizing the value archetypes can bring to the community and for ultimately getting them promoted to Maven central for all to use.

Although archetypes are rather technically simple, it's important to recognize the impact they can have by starting people off on the right foot.

By the way, we are still looking for contributors that would like to help shape the vision for the Weld archetypes, and to get us from beta to a stable release.

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