JSR-299 Final Draft Submitted

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Today, Red Hat submitted the final draft of JSR-299[1], which now goes under the moniker CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection), along with the Reference Implementation and TCK. Check out the spec[1] and Javadoc.

This specification defines a powerful set of complementary services that help improve the structure of application code.
  • A well-defined lifecycle for stateful objects bound to lifecycle contexts, where the set of contexts is extensible
  • A sophisticated, typesafe dependency injection mechanism, including the ability to select dependencies at either development or deployment time, without verbose configuration
  • Support for Java EE modularity and the Java EE component architecture - the modular structure of a Java EE application is taken into account when resolving dependencies between Java EE components
  • Integration with the Unified Expression Language (EL), allowing any contextual object to be used directly within a JSF or JSP page
  • The ability to decorate injected objects
  • The ability to associate interceptors to objects via typesafe interceptor bindings
  • An event notification model
  • A web conversation context in addition to the three standard web contexts defined by the Java Servlets specification
  • An SPI allowing portable extensions to integrate cleanly with the container

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Expert Group and everyone else who contributed ideas and criticism to this specification. Folks outside the JCP probably can't really imagine the incredible investment of time and emotional energy that it takes to create a spec like this. I would really, really like to single out a couple of individual members of the EG for their great ideas and totally uncompensated work, but I guess there's no way to do that without leaving someone feeling unrecognized.

On a more personal note, I believe (and hope) that we've done right by the community, and created something beautiful.

Tomorrow we'll be releasing Weld 1.0.


  1. JSR-299-FD-EVAL.pdf

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