Back from JBoss World, I discovered a I had a few links I should share with the community :-)

First up is the talk on CDI (or Web Beans as it was then known) I gave at Devoxx last year. It's now up on Whilst the material is slightly outdated due to the introduction of JSR-330, the description of the programming model is still accurate if you make a few replacements (replace deployment types with alternatives, binding types with qualifiers and initializer methods with @Inject).

Next, Roger Kitain (who is working on integrating Web Beans with GlassFish V3), has written a blog introducing a number guess example running on GlassFish (based on the numberguess example from the Web Beans distribution. It shows off JSF integration, producer methods, qualifiers and more - a great starting point!

CDI also allows you to inject into Java EE component classes (such as servlets, filters, JSF managed beans, WS endpoints etc.), and Roger's second blog deals with how you can perform injection into servlets.

Next, for those of you in Europe wanting to learn more about CDI, I've got a few talks coming up - on Friday, 2nd October, I'm speaking at Sophia fait sa Java in Nice - on Wednesday, 7th October at JavaBlend in Ljubljana and again on Friday, 9th October in Belgrade.

Or, if you want to learn a bit more about JSF2, how about coming to the talk Dan, Andy and I are doing at Devoxx (Monday, 16th November)? There will be a very strong emphasis on involving the audience - so come prepared with your favourite issues - and your solutions to them!

Finally, I wanted to point those of you who were at JBoss World to the slides for the CDI talk I did with Gavin.

Oh, and watch this space, shortly we'll be getting into much more depth on what is coming in Seam 3!

Photo credits to Bruno Georges

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