RichFaces 3.3.1.BETA1 has been deployed to: jboss repository and ready for community preview.

New components:

There are several new components in 3.3.1, There are the much anticipated set of layout components and a color picker component that are new for this release.


Provides a an easy way to format and break up you page structure. You can set facets for header, footer, and even sidebar. We're also introducing a Theme mechanism that can help to setup and precofigure page layouts and skinning interactions.

<rich:layout/> and <rich:layoutPanel/>

Allows nestable page layouts using Yahoo's UI CSS Grid under the hood to providing lots of flexibility.

For more information see Layouts design wiki page.


Often requested Color picker component,

New features

Here are some new features too.

Stability Improvements

Out selenium based automation suite keeps growing, and numerous issues fixed.

Please let know if you find any issues, or have any comments.

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