Talk about Web Beans and Hibernate scalability

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I will be talking about Web Beans at JSF.One September 4-6 in Washington and QCon San Francisco 2008 about Hibernate and scalability.

The Web Bean talk is an introduction to the elegant loosely coupled strongly typed component model that Web Beans introduces. After a brief intro, I will walk through examples to demonstrate how each concept is used in practice. Depending on how advanced the reference implementation is, I might try to make some of these live.

The second talk will cover Hibernate and Scalability. I will co-present with Max Ross from Google (one of the engineers behind Hibernate Shards). We will cover various subjects:

  • stateless session
  • how Software as a Service providers scale Hibernate in their platforms
  • some of the patterns that ensure better scalability
  • Hibernate Shards and how to scale to many DBs
  • Hibernate Search and how to save your DBA's butt

Hope to see you there!

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