Genuitec switches course :-)

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Wow, amazing how quickly my last blog entry got results! Since I posted it, it appears that Genuitec have decided to comply with the LGPL and provide their modifications to Hibernate tools in source form:

I don't know why it had to take 1.5 years for them to take this step.

Of course, rather than apologizing for the oversight, Maher writes yet another silly and this time dishonest blog, blaming us for Genuitec's noncompliance. Whatever - I'm sure some people will believe his version of the story, but some people will believe anything :-)

We'll take a look at what has been released today, and hopefully this is the end of this sorry episode.

Amazing what a 'lil bit of good old fashioned public shaming could accomplish that 1.5 years worth of friendly private approaches could not.

UPDATE: Ups! Max thinks some stuff is missing from the source bundle. He's digging a bit deeper. We'll keep you up to date on how this news evolves ;-)

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