In the previous article we spoke about annoying issue of the Mojarra 2.0.0 PR when the empty attributes are rendered to the final html code. The issue was posted to the Mojarra project:

Now, it is fixed. Let's take a new version of Mojarra 2.0.0 . It is not a PR release, but the SNAPSHOT dated 01/27/08.

The SNAPSHOT has two more surprises.

First, we can use c:if to have a conditional insert now. We speak about it in the Part 2.

Second, there is no composite:insertChildren any more. This tag was replaced with composite:renderUsingPageChildren. It is more correct semantically, but requires some time to memorize.

Ok, this is code of the component that works:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns=""
    <composite:attribute name="style" required="false"/>
    <composite:attribute name="styleClass" required="false"/>
    <composite:attribute name="headerClass" required="false"/>
    <composite:attribute name="bodyClass" required="true"/>
    <h:outputStylesheet name="rich/css/panel.css" />
 <div class="rich-panel #{compositeComponent.attrs.styleClass}"
  <c:if test="#{! empty compositeComponent.facets.header}">
   <div class="rich-panel-header #{compositeComponent.attrs.headerClass}">
    <composite:insertFacet name="header"/>
  <div class="rich-panel-body #{compositeComponent.attrs.bodyClass}" > 
   <composite:renderUsingPageChildren />

This is a deployed example:

If you look at the result html code, you can see what no more empty attributes inserted.

04. Feb 2009, 09:08 CET | Link
Cloves Almeida | cjalmeida(AT)

Very nice. But a question/suggestion: the on* events seems way too verbose. Is it possible to set a default sink for attributes implementation? So the following code would be equivalent:

    <h:outputStylesheet name="rich/css/panel.css" />
 <div class="rich-panel">
  <composite:sink />

  <c:if test="#{! empty compositeComponent.facets.header}">
   <div class="rich-panel-header #{compositeComponent.attrs.headerClass}">
    <composite:insertFacet name="header"/>
  <div class="rich-panel-body #{compositeComponent.attrs.bodyClass}" > 
   <composite:renderUsingPageChildren />

It would simply map component's similar named attributes into the parent tag. Exception for the 'styleClass' which would be mapped to the class attribute.

04. Feb 2009, 20:07 CET | Link

I like this idea - of course, it wouldn't work for non-JSF-components like <div /> but it could work for <my:div />. I doubt there is itme to get this into JSF2, but I wonder if it could be done as an extension?

05. Feb 2009, 00:19 CET | Link
Sergey Smirnov

Verbose is a point I spoke in the Part 4. I also told with Ryan and Ed from Sun. Ryan confirmed that no shortcut is implemented. Ed said that my case felt into 20% of 80/20 rules.

See log of JSF IRC , starting 19:00.

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